Avoid These Leather Jacket Faux Pas

It is the one item of clothing you can’t go wrong with – leather jackets. It is an all-weather, all-time classic piece of fashion that can always be relied on to make a style statement. Or is it? There are a couple of serious fashion offenses you could make with a leather jacket to those inclined to obey the fashion police. Stay on top of the best-known faux pas to avoid making them yourself. Here we attempt to list a few of the common mistakes leather jacket newbies tend to make so you can wear yours like a pro.

Mixing the real and the lookalike

Real leather jackets have an appeal that simply cannot be matched by faux leather ones. This comes to the fore when you are trying to mix separate pieces of leather, for instance, your Sculpt leather jacket with a pair of faux leather pants.  The difference will be glaring and none too flattering.

Mixing Black with Brown

Your leather jacket is best worn in a slightly different tone or a whole contrasting color with your primary outfit. But one rule of thumb to follow is to not mix black with brown. It is best to avoid a black jacket over a brown outfit or vice versa, the reason being the overall effect looks washed out rather than stand-out. While black and brown are the most preferred colors for leather jackets in general, they don’t mix and match with each other.

Matching everything

Boots, yes; handbags, no.

It is perfectly acceptable (and, in fact, recommended) that you match your leather jacket to your shoes/boots, but that does not apply to your handbag. If you are carrying a leather handbag while wearing your favorite leather jacket, pick it in a different shade unless the jacket is black. In all other cases, matching the three is a rather boring look, quite frowned upon by the fashionistas.

Wearing heavy sweaters underneath

Your winter look should not end up looking heavy and stuffy. While cardigans and light sweaters are perfectly fine, avoid bulky knits under your leather jacket. It totally takes away from the cool quotient.

Imperfect fit

Leather jackets don’t fall freely like fabrics, taking on the shape of the wearer, which is why you need to be sure of the fit when you buy one. Check out the customization option to have your bespoke leather jacket made perfectly for you. Too bulky or too fitting are both unflattering looks for a leather jacket.

Wearing a winter-ready jacket in summer

While it is true that leather jackets can easily be carried from winter through summer, not all leather jackets are the same in this regard. Fur lined jackets are specifically meant for colder regions and colder weather and would look outright awkward for summer. Also, the zipper styles are usually meant to keep you warm rather than just stylish. For summer wear, be sure to pick out something that wouldn’t look like you are hot and sweaty underneath.

Wearing the same leather jacket with every look

Leather jackets have a lot of history and attitude built into them – not every style conveys the same message about you! If you regularly wear your leather jacket, it makes sense to invest in a few diverse pieces for diverse occasions. After all, there are quite a few style options to choose from.

Choosing a low-quality leather jacket

If you are in, allow yourself to be all the way in! Don’t skimp on the quality. And while we are at it, please be clear that ‘full-grain’ is the premium quality in leather and not ‘genuine leather’ as you would think.

Limiting your Imagination

Leather jackets are incredibly versatile, and it would be a shame to always follow tried and tested styles to sport them. For instance, sticking to black and brown is seriously restricting the freedom you would have in choosing various looks for various occasions. There is a world of options out there! Also, don’t be afraid to try out new combinations – for instance, the leather jacket over matching shorts look. It is unconventional, yes, daring, sure, but rather fun. And cool.

These guidelines, of course, are for the tender hearts who are still a little unsure around their leathers. If you have a keen sense of what you feel comfortable in and don’t really pay attention to rules, we say, you do you! After all, a leather jacket is all about the confidence of the wearer.