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One of the outstanding features of a high-quality leather jacket is its durability. While a leather jacket purchased at a discount store may seem like a bargain, it won't look as good nor last nearly as long as a premium one. The investment is well worth it: when quality leather jackets are properly cared for, they can last a lifetime.
    27 products

    27 products


    Experience Our Incredible Range Of Pure Suede Leather Jackets

    Style takes on many avatars here at Sculpt, including our range of Suede leather jackets. If elegance is your second name, then you will undoubtedly fall in love with our exquisite range of Suede leather jackets. The un-matchable elegance and finish of suede leather are because it is made from the soft, unadulterated inner layer of lambskin, sheepskin, or calfskin. 

    Rustic shades of brown, beauteous variants of black, and vibrant shades of red - Choose any colour you fancy from our range of Suede leather jackets designed for both men and women. 

    We strive to keep the design of our suede jackets as elegant and simple as possible to match the feel of this one-of-a-kind, lightweight leather. Style doesn’t go on the back-burner either, we have retained all the elements that make up a typical leather jacket like metal studs on double lapel collar and shoulder epaulets. 

    The fit of our suede jackets are no less than stunning and range from short cropped styles to relaxed styles. There is a style to fit every leather aficionado’s fashion sensibility, be it downright simple and classy or over the top and extravagant.

    Suede leather outerwear is known for its versatility and enhances any ensemble it is paired with, and it definitely sets many a heart aflutter thanks to its smooth and durable nature. 

    We at Sculpt bring you the most envious and desirable collection of genuine suede leather jackets you would ever lay your eyes on. So what are you waiting for? Dive right into this unique collection and choose your fashion statement.