Greatest Celebrity Lovers Of Leather Jackets

Marlon Brando. Rockstar. Motorcycle gang. Can you not be any of them and still love your leather jackets? It is a fact that somewhere in the back of your mind, you have an unconscious image of any of these three categories of leather jacket lovers even today when you are wearing one! Or is your vibe coming from some of the later celebrity lovers of leather jackets? And of course, there are so many of them who have adopted the leather jacket as their go-to style statement.

Let us take a look at some of the beloved celebrities who have colored our leather jacket dreams over the decades.


She sure has the attitude for it, and it is no wonder that Rihanna is a true-blue lover of leather jackets. Every so often, she makes heads turn in her beautifully turned out outfits pulled together with a leather jacket. Her leather jackets range from classic to edgy and muted to loud.

She is also quite the whiz at color palettes and accessorizing her look just right. The top to toe leather style is something very few can pull off, and not surprisingly, Rihanna is one of them. Recently she was spotted in an all-black leather outfit, including a leather hat and boots, with the only splash of color in the all-black ensemble being her bright red nails.

Bella Hadid

The young scion of the ‘first family of fashion’ makes news regularly for her bold and fashion-forward choices in attire, and very often, her outfit features a stand-out leather jacket. Some of her memorable outings in leather include an all-leather outfit with smart leather pants, and cropped leather jacket, a leather blazer over denim separates with a sheer turtleneck beneath, and a bold no-shirt look with a women's leather jacket held together with strings.

Queen Letizia

The Spanish royal is a known fashion icon and lover of all things leather. Looking at her leather outings is a textbook in how to style your leather looks. From her choice of outfit to how she pairs it with the right accessories, she is an inspiration for anyone looking to put together a classy leather jacket or leather dress attire. Her peplum red leather jacket and the time she paired red-hot stilettoes with black leather leggings are truly memorable.

Nick Jonas

The American singer has often been seen sporting leather jackets in big and bold styles. The pop hunk who loves showing off his toned physique in fitted clothes was seen earlier this year in a color-blocked navy leather jacket against a startling scarlet t-shirt. He is very often spotted in Motorcycle Leather Jackets and truly rocks the brown biker jacket with brown leather pants look he has frequently been spotted in. His go-to casual look is denim with a fitted tee and leather jacket.

Ryan Gosling

If there is one actor – wait, you can’t limit it to just one – who has made a habit of championing leather jackets both on and off-screen, it is Ryan Gosling. In his movies, his roles are often of brooding but sensitive men with just a touch of danger, whose personas fit right into their sculpted leather jackets. You can’t think of Ryan Gosling without also thinking of any of his iconic leather jackets, and this is also spurred by the fact that in real life too, this seems to be his choice of style statement.

Justin Theroux

The uber-stylish actor is known for his sense of fashion, and leather jackets are sort of his lucky charm. He has admitted to being addicted to leather jackets since he was 13 years old and considered the tee and leather jacket combination to be his signature style. If you have looked at at least three pictures of him, the chances are that one or more of them would have featured his favorite biker style. The fact that he actually rides a motorcycle justifies the craze. Justin Theroux also loves rocking boots with his jackets.

We are not forgetting the original bad boys (or girls) in leather jackets – from Elvis Presley and George Michael to James Dean and Tom Cruise; Kate Moss and Madonna to Kristen Stewart and Kendall Jenner. These celebrities wear their hearts on their jacket sleeves when it comes to leather, and there is no reason you shouldn’t too!

You no longer have to be ‘wild’ or a ‘rebel’ – with or without a cause – to sport leather jackets. You just need a genuine love of style.