Maintenance Tips For Your Leather Jacket

When you have a leather jacket in your closet, it begs to be worn and worn frequently, such is its magnetism. This is because leather is the kind of material that will not only retain its beauty but also last you a long time, provided you take care of your leather jacket.

Here are some safe ways whereby you can take the best care of your prized clothing, be it a men’s leather jacket, a woman’s leather jacket or even a black leather jacket.

Manufacturer’s Instructions

Despite it being located right on the nape of the jacket, we forget to read their instructions for the best care for your leather jacket. This is because there are many different types of leather and you will not have the same care dished out universally; it will ruin the leather. Because the manufacturer knows his leather, his instructions are the best to follow. 

Sealing The Jacket

If you want a waterproof jacket, all you need to do is use a sealant spray. Apart from protection from water, sealing the jacket will also prevent stains. Go for those parts of the jacket that will have the most exposure, like the shoulders, the back and the arms. 

You can buy a can of waterproof sealant from a local leather jacket dealer and seal these regions first. Doing this will increase the longevity of your favourite jacket by many years. 

General Care

You need to understand that the leather source can be from different animals like pythons, ostriches or even kangaroo skin. Each variety of leather is different and needs special care. The tanning process also has a say in the hardness or softness of the leather. Truly speaking, the right amount of tanning can produce a taut drum skin as well as a supple and soft summer dress. 

For this, you have to wipe your leather jacket off all dust and grime. Make sure that the cloth you are using is damp and wrung out. After this, if you still find some obstinate marks, further cleaning is required. 

Leather Cleaning Products

You will find a lot of products out there that are designed keeping in mind their purpose- cleaning leather. Most of these solutions are successful in removing the stains from your prized leather jacket, however, some refuse to go away. You need to think on your feet and test the solution on a small area of the jacket to see if that works. 

Observe the test patch for signs of leather damage. Discard the solution, however, touted to be the best if you find that it does not agree with your leather jacket stain removal test spot.

Avoid Home Remedies

Do not trawl a search engine for home remedies to remove stains from leather jackets. If there was a great do it yourself remedy using common household ingredients, it would have become a hit overnight. 

As a proud owner of a branded leather jacket, you need to keep in mind that the clothes one wears determine appearances. Care for your leather jacket and you will have heads turning in the right direction.