Tips For Winter Layering With Leather Jackets

Layering clothes during winter is nothing new. By trapping warm air in between layers of clothes, insulation against the cold is achieved. In Australia, you have a variety of options to layer your outfit with our favourite clothing – the leather jacket. It is easily the most versatile and ageless item with which to layer your clothes and over time it has retained its appeal. 

To fully utilize the effectiveness of your leather jackets and create new looks every day, you must know about layering. Here are some clothes that will greatly enhance your look for winter layering with leather jackets:

1. A Regular T-Shirt

This is timeless streetwear and promises you comfort and fitting. A good tip is to have a solid colour like black or white as your t-shirt and then layer it with your favourite black leather jacket. If you own a good pair of distressed types of denim, it will complete your look. As for footwear, you should go for chunky, military-grade shoes and chain links. This look is the bad boy one and gets many stares from the opposite sex. With this layering, the aim is to create a laidback and relaxed look. If you feel adventurous, go for graphic t-shirts, or a leather jacket with studs. 

2. Turtleneck

You can layer a subtle leather jacket with a turtleneck that's white, black or cream-coloured. Not only will this ooze sophistication, but with tailored pants, it will be a trendsetter in your workplace. Experiment with your style and see how you can carry off the turtleneck layered with your jacket. This style works equally well with men's leather jackets as well as women's leather jackets.

3. Button-Downs 

This layering style gels well with casual and nightlife oriented venues. You will know that you have arrived on the style radar when you successfully pair button-downs with bomber jackets and carry them off smoothly. Being highly versatile, button-downs coloured white, black, plaid, patterns, or any other patterns can carry the day if layered with the right kind of leather jacket. 

4. The Athlete

For the younger ones and those into athletics, take this tip; wear a hoodie and then layer it with an oversized leather jacket. A pair of sweatpants will look cool with this outfit. 

5. Pattern, Textures

If you are willing to experiment with different patterns and textures, then layering with leather jackets is a great idea. It will give you tons of combinations to try out and you will add lots of vigour and energy to your appearance. 

6. Cashmere

If you have an old cashmere sweater, layer and pair it with your favourite bomber jacket. The edgier the contrast, the better. As for the colour, red, blue, green, white and black are all suitable. If you are adventurous, you will be able to carry patterns, hues, as well as stark colours. 

There are many ways to layer your winter look with leather jackets. However, these are the most basic combinations and you will have gained some insight into how layering in winter is done with leather jackets. With practice and improvisation, you can make layering work for you.